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they sing, sing, sing: itunes drabble part 2 [DBSJ; various pairs]

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.

2. Put iTunes or equivalent media player on random.
3. For each song that plays, write something related to the theme you picked inspired by the song. You have only the time frame of the song: no planning beforehand: you start when it starts, and no lingering afterward; once the song is over, you stop writing. (No fair skipping songs either; you have to take what comes by chance!)
4. Do 10 of these, then post.

1. words are nothing but letters. love bites by kimeru. hyukjae x junsu.

hyukjae holds him tight, eyes closed. there are so many things they want to say, so many stories left to tell, and yet junsu just stays quiet. this is enough, they both think. they don't need promises they know they'll eventually break. all they need is this moment, all they have is this stolen space in time.

but junsu lets his lips move.

2. peter pan wings and childhood dreams make us. yakusoku by tvxq. hyukjae x junsu (companion to #1).

junsu dares to say it, to promise.

you try to cover your ears, try to escape all the words coming out of his mouth. you've both agreed that it is useless; tomorrow is another day, a time not allocated for both of you. but junsu--dear, sweet junsu--says it doesn't matter anymore. nothing does.

and you want to believe.

3. all the right words are somewhere between here and there. don't write me off by hugh grant. jaejoong x changmin.

there are things which, in changmin's opinion, are better left unsaid. but when it comes to jaejoong, all these rules don't apply. jaejoong doesn't like reading between the lines, doesn't like guessing. he takes everything literally and quite frankly, it's supposed to be real simple.

if only changmin could actually put it in words.

4. no stage names allowed. just for one day ~jaejoong solo by csjh the grace feat. jaejoong. leeteuk x yunho.

he closes his eyes and lets himself fall. today he isn't leeteuk and you aren't u-know. today, you can forget the world and let reality drown into nothingness. today, you melt with every touch he gives you, die with every kiss you share. nothing matters now, nothing. tomorrow, you think; tomorrow, you'll be back with stage names and bright lights. but that is still tomorrow.

and tomorrow is still a day away.

5. memory gaps. hiyaya by tvxq. jaejoong x yoochun.

when yoochun is asked about summer, he stops and think. it is hard to remember anything in particular so it takes a while. changmin rolls his eyes at how slow he is at answering; junsu laughs it all off. yunho fills the "silence" with his own two cents and tries to divert the reporter's attention. but then jaejoong tugs yoochun's sleeve and smiles at him.

and then yoochun remembers.

6. take a few steps back before you fly. asu wa kuru kara by tvxq. jaejoong x junsu.

you watch him grow from that boy who struggled with everything to a man who has fulfilled his dreams. everything about him is different now; he has long outgrown his shyness and uncertainty. yet as much as it makes you proud--all these achievements--you yearn for yesterday when all this was still a dream and you were just jaejoong and junsu. no stage names, no honorifics to separate you.

but then he pouts at something and you think, maybe not today. maybe tomorrow.

7. there's goes my thief. kaze no machi e by fictionjunction KEIKO. jaejoong x yehsung.

jaejoong snatches him in the middle of the night, like a thief with a purpose. you're amazed at how he bypassed security--finger print locks?--but when he remembers ryeowook's smile as they pass by, he gets what has happened. perhaps he should feel a alittle pissed off at the way he is being handled--whatever happened to him being hyung, anyway?--but he's not.

not when jaejoong is holding his hand while they drive through the night.

8. call me teddy. hug ~japanese by tvxq. jaejoong x changmin.

he takes your book away from you, your glasses coming off soon after. he sits on your lap and puts your arms around his waist. he snuggles on your chest and smiles contentedly. it is one of jaejoong's moods, one that tells you how much he needs you, and you think you can indulge. you rest your head on his, taking a whiff of that new shampoo he's using.

books can wait.

9. you make me wanna dance. choosey lover by tvxq. hyukjae x junsu.

they ask him why--why of all tohoshinki's dance songs--have you chosen it. you don't answe, just smile and shrug. you don't dare explain anything lest you say more than you intend to. they'll tease you about it anyway and it will be another long week for you. and knowing them, they'll be calling tohoshinki the moment they hear your explanation. you excuse yourself (who cares if they're looking at you weirdly); the images are flashing in your eyes again.

junsu's hips at the budokan final.

10. hypotenuse. riyuu by suwabe junichi. siwon x hangeng.

he's asking you again, asking the reason for the loss of your smile. and as always, you don't answer, you don't say a thing. you walk away before he can call you back, before your tears could fall. it's him, you want to say; it has always been him.

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