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they sing, sing, sing: itunes drabble part 1 [DBSJ; various pairs]

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.

2. Put iTunes or equivalent media player on random.
3. For each song that plays, write something related to the theme you picked inspired by the song. You have only the time frame of the song: no planning beforehand: you start when it starts, and no lingering afterward; once the song is over, you stop writing. (No fair skipping songs either; you have to take what comes by chance!)
4. Do 10 of these, then post.

1. i just called to say--. so close by jon mc laughlin. jaejoong x yehsung.

jaejoong smiles and closes his eyes as he picks up his phone--annyeong. jongwoon's voice at the other end is soft--hey, jae--and the younger one waits. there are no words, just melody from jongwoon's end of the line; it's another song, another melody he hasn't heard before. jaejoong listens, listens.

2. the sun shouldn't shine so bright. hi ya ya by tvxq. junsu x yunho.

if he closes his eyes, he can remember everything--from the curve of junsu's lips to the way his back dipped when he held him close. if he closes his eyes, he can remember the promises, the lyrics that junsu whispered in his ear. if closes his eyes, he can remember the way junsu breathed his name--yunho hyung--and how it made him hold on, hold on.

if he closes his eyes.

3. we're doing nothing and everything. eric's song by vienna teng. yoochun x jaejoong.

he holds your hand, squeezes it lightly. he doesn't say anything, doesn't even look at you, but you understand. because he is jaejoong and you are yoochun. because.

4. --my words are caught in this song. salamat musika (thank you, music) by gary granada. jaejoong x yehsung (companion to #1).

he picks up the phone and you wait for him to acknowledge you. he's smiling, that much you can surmise through his voice. you start playing, fingers softly dancing on the keyboard. perhaps it's better to tell him directly just how much you miss him, how much you long to sing with him again but you can't find the words. all you can do is play and hope that the song is enough.

5. no room for waiting. just for one day ~jaejoong solo by csjh the grace feat. jaejoong heechul x yunho.

you try not to move around much, try not to look too excited. but leeteuk smiles and yehsung squeezes your hand; they know, dammit. you avoid them, try to talk to someone else instead. donghae invites you to eat and you readily welcome the distraction; anything to get your mind out of the fact that they're--he's late and he can't be late, not now of all days. it's been too long and you're too tired of waiting to start counting the days again.

then the doors open.

heechul hyung.

6. fall with me just in case. hug ~japanese by tvxq. jaejoong x changmin.

what do you want for your birthday, changmin?
he leans into your embrace, eyes closing. nothing more, jaejoong hyung.

7. before the curtains open. white line arrange d by kaida yuki. leeteuk.

you can hear the music, the hundreds of voices chanting your name. you can hear your heart beat loudly, almost drowning the other voices. this is it, you think. from here on, there will be no turning back to what was. all that matters now is who you are and who you--all of you--will become. from here on, you are no longer just leeteuk.

you are super junior.

8. parachutes don't work here. falling slowly by glen hansard & marketa iglóva. heechul x hangeng.

he whispers in your ear, promises you want to hold onto. he puts his arms around you, tells you that he'll never leave. he looks into your eyes, shows you a dream he wants to share with you. there is so much, so much in his gestures--unspoken and fragile--and you want to believe because this is hangeng, this is hangeng.


(will you catch me?)

9. disco lights blind me. the way u are ~live by tvxq. yunho x junsu.

he moves across the dance floor, body moving with the music like it is part of him--it is him. he has everyone's attention and he knows it; if that small smile is an indication of his satisfaction. his closed eyes open, gaze traveling around the bar before it locks with you and you can't shake it off. come here, he's saying. and you do.

you've never had enough power to resist kim junsu anyway.

10. make me believe again. white lies ~live by tvxq. yoochun x junsu, jaejoong's pov.

you watch them behind the camera and you think that perhaps the pd should change the background music. you cannot hear junsu's words but yoochun's smile is enough proof. but you can't bare to leave the scene, can't even take your eyes off of them. you've never been a romantic but this--the sparkle in junsu's eyes and the softness in yoochun's smile--is enough to make you believe.

there is still love.

Tags: #rps: super junior, #rps: tvxq, %crossover, couple: hangeng x heechul, couple: jaejoong x changmin, couple: jaejoong x yoochun, couple: yehsung x jaejoong, couple: yoochun x junsu, couple: yunho x heechul, couple: yunho x junsu
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