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Tonight, the stars fall. [SJ/SJM; YehHae; KyuRy, RyeoMi, ShiHan; One-shot]

title: Tonight, the stars fall.
author: yumeyana
fandom: super junior / super junior m
pairs: YehHae, KyuRy, RyeoMi, ShiHan
rating/genre: PG-13/ sap
summary: Most of them are white. The blue ones are missing. Donghae counts the stars in China and tells Kyuhyun that they're different.

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Author’s Notes: Last night, I promised myself that I would type the fics I had written weeks ago in the back of my notebook but I suddenly had the urge to write something other than that. I intended this to be shorter but ended up writing longer than usual. Haven’t used this style in a while; I think I last used it when I was still regularly writing for Tenipuri. Hope you like it, though!

Dedication: To rasinah, because we both love and miss Yehsung way too much. And to onew for the little side pairing in the end.

Disclaimers: None of the Super Junior M and Super Junior boys are mine, only the plot is.


Tonight, the stars fall.

China is a whirlwind of events: foreign languages mixing with foreign people. There is no time for sitting and sightseeing; the little time he has for himself is spent learning Mandarin with the rest of the group. This is the price they have to pay for their dreams, he thinks, and however high it is, they will have to deal with it.

Kyuhyun sneaks a peek, careful not to let anyone notice that he is awake. Ryeowook is in front of the piano, trying hard to compose in Mandarin; Zhou mi tries to help without being too teacher-like. Henry sits in one corner of the room, twirling a pencil in one hand while he studies diligently. Hangeng is still in a meeting; Siwon is in another interview.

Donghae, however, is out on the veranda.

There is something amiss in all this, he thinks, even if it is usual that his hyung—gege, he corrects himself—is off staring at something somewhere. Donghae has always been a thinker, someone who would wonder about anything at anytime of the day. Answers aren’t as important for him, Kyuhyun thinks; all he needs is an outlet of his questions.

He gets up and Henry looks up from his notebook, worry lines marring his young face. Kyuhyun gives him an easy smile—I feel better, he wants to say but doesn’t—before ruffling the younger one’s hair. It earns him a grunt and a grin, something he used to do when he was in Henry’s place, before leaving the younger one to his studies. Ryeowook misses a note and panics; Zhou mi pats his back and Kyuhyun is grateful for the patience in the older one.


Donghae turns around, a little surprised. There is another unspoken question about his health but he just shrugs it off; I’m fine, he finally voices out. The older one smiles and Kyuhyun can see the sadness in it. He waits for Donghae to say something, anything, that would reveal his thoughts. There is a pause as Donghae’s eyes return to the stars as if he’s counting them.

Think you’ll finish counting them soon? It is a stupid question but Donghae doesn’t mind; Kyuhyun knows that he is the type who would really count the stars and end up with a number that is probably a long way from the exact one. But the number isn’t what’s important, he knows; it is the effort Donghae has given in order to satisfy his curiosity.

I think the stars here in China are a little different.
So you’re starting all over again?

There is a sigh, a heavy one, before Donghae manages a Maybe. Something hits the metal railing, making Kyuhyun turn his eyes away from the stars. Donghae is twirling his mobile phone with left hand, causing the little fish dangling from the end of his mobile phone to hit the railing. He remembers who has given Donghae that little mobile accessory. This is not about stars, Kyuhyun finally understands.

Call him. I’m sure Yehsung hyung’s been waiting for your call.

Donghae looks at him, eyes widening. There are more questions (how Kyuhyun knows he’s thinking of Yeshung; how Kyuhyun narrowed it down to Yehsung for that matter; how—), more than he expects, but Kyuhyun cracks a grin—one that his hyung will get him for later. He knows, he wants to tell Donghae; he knows how it feels to be apart from someone close to his heart. He wants to answer the questions but they are for him and the answers are not with him. He takes the mobile phone from Donghae and dials their number in Korea. Phone bills be damned, he thinks as he tosses the phone back. They can all worry about that tomorrow.

Yeoboseyo? Yehsung’s low voice streams from the phone line and Donghae manages to catch the phone just in time. Mandarin is the first language that spills from his tongue and Kyuhyun hears Yehsung laugh. Donghae grins sheepishly—Mianhe, hyung—and China vanishes with his string of Korean words. Kyuhyun shakes his head, turning his heel; he doesn’t need to hear the next chapter to this story.

KYU, he hears Donghae shout and he turns around.
Most of them are white. The blue ones are missing.

It takes a while before it dawns upon Kyuhyun but when it does, he laughs. It makes Ryeowook and Zhou mi stop playing with the piano; Henry raises an eyebrow. He tries to keep it down but it’s too much to keep inside.

Tell hyung to count the ones back home, then.

He doesn’t know if Donghae has heard him (Ryeowook is playing the piano again, Zhou mi hums the notes) but it doesn’t matter. Soon, he thinks as he sits beside Henry (the younger one mumbles something in English), this will disappear and he’ll be looking for white stars among blue ones. Soon, he thinks as Siwon and Hangeng arrive with dinner, they’ll be back to thirteen.

But that’s still tomorrow, he thinks as he steals Henry away from his notebook and the younger one complains about being bullied. Tomorrow, Kyuhyun thinks as he grins wider and teases Henry; he earns a reprimanding look from Hangeng, a curious one from Siwon.

And tomorrow is still a day away.

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884 words
Tags: #rps: super junior, #rps: super junior m, couple: kyuhyun x henry, couple: ryeowook x zhou mi, couple: siwon x hangeng, couple: yehsung x donghae
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